Big Hero 6 Movie

big hero 6 movie

The Big Hero 6 Movie from Walt Disney Animations is a modern-day masterpiece that’s filled with action and memorable moments kids and the entire family will enjoy and cherish for a life time as they watch and fall in love with the characters of this soon to be Disney classic.

Big Hero 6

The movie is filled with memorable characters such as the adorable and lovable Baymax which is a medical Android prototype slash personal companion and is close friend Hiro Hamada who is a modern-day Genius and fighting robot champ. The unlikely duo team up due to a tragic incident that forces the unlikely duo to team up and step outside their comfort zone and grow as characters.

Disney’s Big Hero 6 – Official US Trailer:


Later on the team grows  as Hero makes new wacky friends, each one more crazier than the last. You will barely have time to catch your breath as you are caught up in the laughs and nail-biting moments. Get drawn away and taken on an adventure the likes of which you have never seen and very reminiscent of a comic book adventure.

I really enjoyed this movie so much so that I had to watch it twice and I rarely do that. Children of all ages and even adults will love it too, so go ahead and check it out.


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