Big Hero 6 Deluxe Flying Baymax

The Big Hero 6 Deluxe flying Baymax is a toy from Disney’s popular movie Big Hero 6 ,the Baymax figure also comes with a Hiro toy which is 4.5 inches tall in comparison to the 11 inch Baymax. Hiro can attach to Baymaxes back magnetically and activates the flying sound effects. The unit will require 3 x AAA batteries to power this toy and yes you do get a set out of the box.This toy is huge and a must have for kids.

Sound Effects

Baymax comes with a variety of sounds effects such as those which are activated when he is set in a flying motion and rocked from side to side. This toy will make for a great holiday gift or birthday present and is ideal for kids ages 4 and over.

Big hero 6 deluxe flying baymax

Once the plastic tab is removed all you have to do is press the chess piece and Baymax will make a variety of sounds while is eyes light up which ads to the realism.


Baymax features includes a detachable firing fist that’s demoed on the box in pictorial form. Also very nice of the company to include an instruction manual that is included inside the box for convenience. The fists can be attached or detached for play, the best feature about the detachable arms is that you can aim them at a target and press the button on the arm section and watch it fly out and hit its target.

The Hiro figure is in a pose for attaching on the back of Baymax and is arms and legs are both movable for the perfect position that you want, beneath the arms are magnets that allows him to attach to Baymax on the back as he does in the Animated movie.

Big hero 6 deluxe flying baymax

There is also a button on Baymax chest that opens a ejectable compartment as in the movie. The figure is also very flexible with joints all over especially in the elbows and other areas for maximum movement. The head can also move in various positions and the leg section too. The wings on the back can extend or detract which is controlled by a button conveniently placed on the back., I like these as they make the figure looks really cool. Within the same area is the on and off switch for conserving battery life when the toy is not being used.

Flying with Baymax and Hiro

Big hero 6 deluxe flying baymax

When both toys are combined the flying sounds activates which is great as kids can run around and make believe the toy is actually flying as they will naturally do which will activate additional sounds. Simply imagine your child or Grand child as they do this and there face comes alive when they receive this as a gift.

I really like this toy as its very large and functional and comes in a two piece set, this is sure to be a hit with kids as a birthday gift or for a Christmas Gift this year.

Why you should get this:

  1. Great sounds effects.
  2. Very large toy of 11 inches.
  3. Comes with two interactive pieces.
  4. Rocket Arms that work.
  5. Ideal as a kids gift.


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