Best Water Pistol for Kids

Best Water Pistol

We all know them and some of us hate them. Yes I am referring to water pistols or water Guns as they are often called. Hate them or love them kids cant seem to get enough over the generations. Especially during the summer, so let look at some of the best water pistol that you can get your hands on to have some fun in the sun all summer long.You can also have friends and family join in on the fun as well for a great backyard party.

Best Water Pistol

So when you speak of water pistols most people think Super Soakers which are great but other than the expected I have also included a few extras we all know and love such as the classic water gun models and more.These are all great high quality products that is worth the money.

Fun Express Neon Grip Squirt Guns

They are small, lightweight and very functional. Yuu can’t help but love these small water Squirt Guns. They are very small and affordable but the pack comes with 12 of them. Smaller kids can really have fun with these and tats why I love them and that’s why they made this list. They are also very colorful and in length they are only 4 inches making them perfect for someone with small hands.

Best Water Pistol

They have a nice range and even better accuracy for hitting your target each time you shoot.They may be small but they are a boat load of fun, make each shot count and don’t stray too far from your refill point.

Dazzling Toys Double Barreled Water Shooters

This water gun design reminds me of a classic that I liked as a kid. Its look cool and the design is really far out, it looks more like a laser blaster than an actual water gun. Its 7 inches in length and has bright colors that’s easy to spot.

Best Water Pistol

They fill up easy and even small kids can play with them as they are easy to understand and manipulate.I remember having many fun summers with these as a kid it was a great toy that I came back to time after time.

Stream Machine TL-750 Water Launcher

This is a very cool new design and take on the traditional water gun. Its 22 inches in length and comes in different sizes and colors. You can shoot streams of water up to 70 feet in some cases. The barrel is where the water is stored and your pump-action is what helps with dispelling the water.

Super Soaker Thunderstorm

Best Water Pistol

Finally here we have the Super Soaker Thunderstorm which you can use to annihilate your opponents as you play. All you have to do is point and shoot and watch everyone else get soaked in water. The clips make things a convenience as you play and you will never have to do any pumping action for this model.

If you children have issues operating a pump based water gun I highly recommend this water gun for them. So what are you waiting for go ahead and choose your choice from the options that are presented here or continue shopping and check out more Super Soakers.


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