Best Troll Dolls

troll dolls

We all have seen the Dreamworks trolls movie and all kids have fallen in love with the trolls and want some troll dolls. In this article we will be looking at some of the most sought after dolls based on the trolls movie. Well we have done you a solid and provided a list of the best dolls based on the movies to bring home the joy that is trolls. So check out the most accurate dolls that are based on the movie such as princess poppy and her friends.

Troll Dolls

I am sure you will agree that the most amassing part of a troll doll is the hair that comes in a variety of cool and wonderful colors. Owning any of these dolls will sure to make your little one truly happy:

DreamWorks Trolls Hug Time Poppy

troll dolls

You just got to love Princess poppy she is very cute and loves to party with her many many friends. Don’t underestimate this doll as its large and speaks several phrases and the hair which is the main attraction lights up in amassing colors and reacts to music.

This means your kid can party with Princess pappy just like in the movies. She comes with several accessories including a light up bracelet, tiara,comb,dress and much more. The hair is also not just for as you can comb it and the hands and legs can be moved. If your child loved the trolls movie she is going to just die for this adorable trolls toy from the movie.

DreamWorks Trolls Hug Time Poppy
List Price: $49.99
Price: $40.05
You Save: $9.94

DreamWorks Trolls DJ Suki Collectible Figure

This Trolls toy comes with a brush so you can com the hair of DJ Suki the music spinning troll. These figures are as small as four inches but they are great collectables that are fun to play with. If you saw the movie I am sure this is one of your favorite characters that was really memorable and stuck with you and your child after.

DreamWorks Trolls Harper Collectible Figure

Next up we have the very artistic Harper, it’s not hard to tell what this Troll is known for right? well you can also add this rather unique and colorful troll to your small dolls collection.Heck its like having the real thing especially when you put them all together.

Loving the trolls and want to see even more troll dolls? well click here to see even more Troll dolls and toys to buy.

DreamWorks Trolls Branch 9-Inch Figure

This figure is all of 9 inches and much bigger that the dolls above. It also has a bunch of accessories that can be added or removed as you like. This is excellent to really cool in recreating senes from the movie especially if you have the right set of dolls to do that.

If you are looking for other cool dolls be sure to check out the ones shown here and here my friend.




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