Best Toy Guns for Kids

As kids growing up there was nothing like playing a Good Mock battle Game with friends as we would shoot it out on the battle field with our comrades with our Toy Guns which was some real cool fun. In such scenarios imagination was everything as we imagined our selves as solders and the works, everyday was an adventure as we played, today I would like to introduce the Maxx action toy guns which are top of the line units which makes kids play even more fun with cool kids toys which are both fun and interactive adding a whole new dimension to the world of toy guns for kids.

Best Toy Guns on the Market

So for your consideration we have some of the best toy guns available on the market for kids, these are very safe and a great Play toy for kids, just imagine if they or you at their age revived one of these toys as a Christmas gift, holiday or Birthday present and the joy you would feel along with the hours of fun and play you could have with friends with one of these:

Maxx Action 29″ Toy Heavy Machine Gun

Best Toy Guns

I really think this is one of the best toy gun that’s available right now as it features cool sound effects, lights and when you press the trigger you will get real recoil that’s all battery powered. The exterior of the Toy gun is also covered in a nice Military camouflage finish which allows it to blend in nicely with your environment and ideal for those stealth missions. You can flip up the sight for aiming and when you press the trigger it will make firing sounds and light up in cool patterns for a great effect while the barrel moves back and forth, to power this you will need two (2) AA batteries which are included with all sets but be sure to pick up some extras for when you run low.

Maxx Action Toy 9 MM Hand Gun with 13″ Silencer with Electronic Sound

This Kids toy Gun is a toy 9mm hand gunthat comes with a silencer attachment and like the above unit also produces sound and will require batteries to power it and the silencer attachment is also functional as it will muffle the sound that exits the toy which you can decide to either put on or take off. You also get cool recoil and it has a realistic look and feel with its camouflage color scheme. What I really like about this toy is that while it looks like the real deal the patterns and goofy colored orange nozzle makes it easily identifiable as a toy.

Best Toy Guns

The sound that’s produced is also crisp and clear when the trigger is pressed and you feel the recoils and the parts on the toy gun actually move and can be interacted with which is a very cool feature.

Maxx Action 11.5″ Toy Mini Machine Gun

Best Toy Guns


Another cool hit among the Toy Guns is the Toy Mini Machine Gun which also has realistic sound and interactive parts and is well made and thought out, whats cool too is that the end of the barrel lights up when the trigger is pressed which is both creative and makes this easily spotted as a kids toy.

Maxx Action Special Forces Deluxe Costume Dress-Up Play Set

Best Toy Guns

Too bring it all together we have the The Special Forces Deluxe dress-up play set which  contains a total of ten (10) different pieces which includes: A Mini Machine Gun toy, A Helmet, 2x Toy grenades, A Toy Canteen, Pretend Watch, Toy Knife, Compass and a Tactical commando vest to finish it all off.

Why Should you get Any of these?

1. They are well made and look Great.

2. Great recoil and sound effects.

3. Durable and great for kids to play with.

4. Quite affordable and worth the cost.

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