Best Smart Watches Money can buy

best smart watches

It’s a new era as we not only have smartphones now but smartwathes that in most cases complement or can be a standalone devices by themselves.You may be thinking to your self that is it a great time to take the plunge and get a smartwatch or is it a passing fad. Well guess what smartwathes are here to stay and the only question that you should be saying is which smartwatch will give you the ultimate bang for your buck as you seek out the best smart watches.
Below we have outlined some of the best smartwatches that you should consider to complement your smartphone while you are on the go or just to act as a standalone watch and cool gadget to have:

1.Motorola Moto 360 – Black Leather Smart Watch

best smart watches
This great offering from Motorola has a leather band and is made of stainless steel. This smartwatch takes voice commands and can be used as a fitness tracker so that you can keep on top of your health. Best of all the Motorola Moto 360 will work with any Android device running Android 4.3 or above. One of the most appealing features of the Moto 360 in comparison to other smartwatches is how long the battery can run on a single charge and lasting more than a day on a single charge. You can literally control your phone from within your pocket without ever needing to take it out and you can customize the look of the watch face with amazing skins to keep the look fresh daily.

2. Samsung Gear 2 Neo Smartwatch

best smart watches
The Samsung Gear 2 needs no introduction as one of the most easily recognized smartwatches on the market. This smartwatch will work with almost any Samsung branded smartphone, the smartphone comes fitted with a suit of health related apps that is meant to track your fitness and health including a heart rate monitor.Plus the ability to play your music you enjoy and get notifications from your smartphone instantly.

3. LG Watch Urbane Wearable Smart Watch

best smart watches
Comes in the color of pink Gold and silver colors,and also comes with the standard suit of features that we have come to expect from smartwatches. This includes faintness tracking and heart rate sensor. You can even stream your music and much more, the smartwatch itself has a 1.3″ Full Circle P-OLED Display with Gorilla Glass 3 and Full Metal Body which guarantees it will last a very long time.

4. Sony Mobile Sony® SW3 SmartWatch 3 SWR50 Powered by Android Wear

best smart watches
This smartwatch is powered by android wear, it features instant notifications and voice commands.What I like about this sony smartwatch is that it has a clean interface and is easy to use. You will get approximately two days or so on a single charge and even in direct sunlight you will be able to see the screen with IP 68 dust and water resistance.

5. Apple Smartwatch Sport

best smart watches
Another smartwatch that does not need any introduction is the Apple Smartwatch and the version I will be featuring here is the Sport edition. The case is made of anodised aluminium and as always Apple as created an aesthetically beautiful device that will wow and stun you. The Watch is IPX7 and is water-resistant and will work with a iPhone 5 or above. You will love the notifications at a Glance and the included health app is great.You will need a Apple phone for this to work as it’s not a standalone device.

6. Samsung Galaxy Gear S R750W Smart Watch

best smart watches

We have basically saved the best smart watch for last with the Samsung Galaxy Gear S which is the pinnacle of smartwatch Technology right now and with good reason as Samsung is one of the first devices in the watch market and in terms of devices under their belts this is easily generations ahead of anything else out right now with its large and curved 2″ Super AMOLED screen which is an industry first, 2G and 3G GSM support which means this device can act as a standalone phone, it has Tizen-based wearable platform form Samsung,a  Dual-Core 1 GHz Processor,S-Voice Command, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS and an Internal Memory of 4GB.

This thing is a virtual powerhouse of performance and features the likes of which has never been seen in the smart watch market before and if you don’t know what to choose then do go with this one especially if you own a Samsung device which it pairs well with or it can work on its own. I hope you were able to find the best choice among our best smart watches that are available on the market right now.


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