Best Rick and Morty Funko Pop Figures

Best Rick and Morty Funko Pop

I am a big Rick and Morty Fan and one cool way to show your loyalty to the series is to get some cool Rick and Morty Funko Pop march to commemorate the series. The TV series has created some memorable characters that we have come to love and identify with from the Meeseeks to Pickle Rick and much more. Just thinking about them really makes you break out in a simple. That’s the power and humor that’s Rick and Morty.

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There are a whole bunch of Figures but listed here are the Best Rick and Morty Funko Pop figures that you will be able to find anywhere you go. So do take the time to look through the list and choose your favorite ones.


Best Rick and Morty Funko Pop Figures

Her are the top picks of Rick and Morty Funko Pops for you to collect.

1.Funko Pop Animation Morty-Pickle Rick with Laser Collectible Figure

Lets start of this list with a bang, get it with Pickle Rick which is a best seller.Just like Rick you should challenge yourself by turning or getting yourself into a pickle with Pickle Rick. This Funko is very well made and detailed thus capturing the character perfectly.You can get other versions of this Rick but this is by far the cooler looking one and he’s ready for action with is improvised blaster and extra batteries.

2.Rick and Morty – Mr. Meeseeks

Mr. Meeseeks is a fan favorite and is by far one of the best episodes and characters ever made on the show.Too bad this one can’t grant request just think of the possibilities. You can mount him on the accompanying stand and put him on display for all to see.Remember don’t be like Jerry keep things simple.

3.Rick & Morty – Rick Action Figure

Love him or hate him he is the smartest person on an Infinite amount of worlds. Get the classic looking Rick thats very hard to get a hold of. You also get a well made figure but as with most of these Pops the heads tend to be big so be sure to place them on the stand for balance.

4.Rick & Morty – Morty Action Figure

Do you know what this Morty is holding in his hands? yep place them way up there Morty lol.If you love the series you will know this version of Morty perfectly. This Funko is well painted in detail and has high quality craftsmanship.

5.Rick and Morty Bird Person Action Figure

Got to love Ricks best friend Bird person. He has a very good paint Job and lots of details in the figure. You can pair this up with a Rick and you have a solid team.

6.Rick and Morty Squanchy Action Figure

Do you speak Squanch? Squanchy does and you can own this great character right now.This is the character in normal form but don’t get him mad. This is another of Ricks zany friends that we have met in the series now immortalized in Funko Pop form.


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