The best projector for gaming

best projector for gaming

When it comes to Gaming nothing but the best will cut it. I am sure you are here today because you want to find the best projector for gaming. This is easier said than done as different gamers are looking for different things. Unfortunately one size will not fit all. We know this very well and instead of providing one answer we will give you the best options in Gaming projectors so you can narrow down and find the project that you want and will excel at gaming.

Whatever you buy at the end of the day should have a very good resolution and contrast ration for crisp images. It should also have clear picture and adequate brightness. Finally you want something with a very afast refresh rate.

The best projector for gaming

So lets really kick things off and start this list with:

1.OPTGT1080 – Optoma GT1080 Full 3D 1080p DLP Gaming Projector

best projector for gaming

This projector has 2800 Lumens of brightness. It also has a dedicated MHL enabled HDMI port for connecting popular gaming consoles such as the XBox one and PS4 respectively. You can also set it close to the wall or surface that you will be projecting on saving space. You can get a large image on a 10 foot screen at just 5 feet.It also has very fast refresh rates that great for gamers so there is no input lag which is ideal for competitive first person shooters.  This thing works at 120/144 Hertz depending on content. You will enjoy a 33 Millisecond refresh rate. It will also excel at regular tasks such as watching movies or the sports.

It has Full 3D 1080p video. It also has all the major inputs to connect just about anything.

2.BenQ W1080ST 1080p 3D Short Throw DLP Home Theater Projector

best projector for gaming

This projector looks really good and a bonefied best seller. What I like about this projector is that its perfect for Gaming and all your other home entertainment needs. Its full HD at 1080p and works well in short rooms where space is limited thus the short throw in the name. It has a 10,000:1 contrast ratio and 2000 lumens of brightness.Its also 3D ready and supports all the major formats. You can connect your PC or gaming console it works with them all.

3.Predator Z650 Gaming Projector

This projector will immerse you into your games like no other projector before it could with a gigantic display. You can do curved projections and the projector will do real time content based image optimization. You can connect your PC wirelessly and get rid of cables while maintaining great image quality.  You will also have streaming audio over bluetooth.

I do hope one of theoptions above was to your liking if not then do check out your other choices here.


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