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outdoor wicker furniture

Genuine Ohana Outdoor Patio Wicker Furniture 7pc Sofa Set

Outdoor wicker furniture sets such as the Genuine Ohana outdoor patio wicker furniture stand apart from other patio furniture sets in its endearing ability to resist all sorts of external forces from mother nature without fading or washing out and they clean with little trouble. The set of 7 is very versatile and will fit any design configuration that you may come up with that suits your own personal taste,you know that perfect patio that friends and family can sit, relax and socialize as you enjoy those nice summer days? Why dream about it, you can make it happen right now with this great product.

Construction of Outdoor Wicker Furniture

Quality is very important if your furniture is to make it through those days on the Patio and it can when it’s as well-built as the this Outdoor Wicker Furniture Set, it’s so beautiful and yet functional as they are made with all-weather resin wicker and the finish of each piece is textured and gives all the elements in this set including the center piece called the Love seat its natural look and the weave is very well done as its very nice and tight which means it wont come undone prematurely.

And as we mentioned before unlike other future pieces that may burn out on long-term patio exposure, the Outdoor Wicker Furniture set does not suffer from burn out due to direct exposure to sunlight. This means for the long run you can leave these right where they are without fear.

The cushions

The cushions are made of very high density Foam which translates to extra firmness and great and comfortable feeling for those who sit on them. In comparison to regular cushions they just cant compete with the level of comfort and firmness of the cushions in this set.

As an added bonus and for your piece of mind the cushions covers are water-resistant and naturally repels water, plus almost any type of drink that might be spilled e.g. at a backyard barbecue will just wipe right off easily no problem.

outdoor wicker furniture

Video: See what it Looks Like

Color options

There are ten (10) available color options which includes: Blue, Brown,Orange, Red, Turquoise,beige,  Sunbrella Beige, Sunbrella Jockey Red, Sunbrella Taupe and last but not least Sunbrella brown. So you will have so much colors to choose from to match your homes design.

The Price

You do get what you pay for and this outdoor wicker furniture set is worth each and every penny you will pay for it and it will last too so you can set your mind at ease.

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If you have decide to get this beautiful and great piece of outdoor wicker patio furniture then you can save $100 bucks off the current price with this discount or coupon code, simply enter this code just before making final payment and your order will be discounted by $100, what a deal just for you.

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There is More

You will also get a free Patio Cover so that you can cover your wicker patio furniture during bad weather or when it’s not in use.

You should buy this because:

1. They look great, you will fall in love with them.

2. Well Built and durable.

3. Very Comfortable.

4. Comes with great Extras such as a Patio cover for free.

5. Resistant to the elements and cushions are water-resistant.

6. Back by great customer service you will get exactly what you pay for.

Why You may not want to get this:

1. There is no perfect product but this item comes really close there was hardly anything to complain about, except the price but you do get what you pay for in quality and that’s priceless.


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