Best One Piece Merchandise on the Market

I am a big anime fan and one of my favorite Anime series of all times is One Piece and with that in mind it can be really hard sometimes finding great one piece merchandise that’s worth collecting. Well not to worry I have scoured the internet to compile an extensive list of some of the best one piece figures, shirts, replicas and other cool items that you can find to remind you of your favorite anime which is one of the greatest shows of all time.

One Piece Merchandise

So lets start this list off with a bang with our first cool item of the set:

1. One Piece: Luffy Red T-Shirt

one piece merchandise

I really like this beautiful T-shirt it’s always cool when you see the entire crew of the straw hats assembled with other well-known characters from the series and this shirts gets a cool five stars in my book no questions asked.

2.One Piece: Thousand Sunny Ship New World Version

one piece merchandise

This has got to be one of the coolest ships that’s ever sailed the seven season, the Thousand sunny looks cool and with this plastic model kit you can construct a perfect replica of  this great ship. I personally like this model as it looks really good and best of all considering you will be putting it together yourself is half the fun other than having it in your collection.

3. Sanji EX Model 1-Piece PVC Figure

one piece merchandise

Sanji is one of the most easily recognized characters of the straw hats and what I love about this character is how well he is always dressed, this figure captures Sanji perfectly.

4. One Piece P.O.P: Monkey D Luffy Ex Model PVC Figure

one piece merchandise

The captain is on board here and looking good, this is one of the best Luffy action figures that you will find anywhere and he can be the corner-stone of your collection.

5. Roronoa Zoro Ex Model PVC Figure

one piece merchandise

Zoro is one of my favorite one piece characters he simply looks bad ass and he is on is on is way to being the best swordsman in all of one piece and the right hand man of captain Luffy. I am sure you agree that this cation figure more than does him justice.

6. Cosplay One Piece Zoro Shuusui Replica Sword

one piece merchandise

This is so cool, it’s an actual replica of Zoro’s sword which is great for a cosplay setup or just as part of a cool collection that looks great and is functional as well.

7. One Piece Box Set: East Blue and Baroque Works, Volumes 1-23 Paperback

one piece merchandise

This is the perfect one piece set whether you are just starting out or you have been a long time lover of Manga, this set is a collection of one piece manga from volume 1-23 in paperback format and follows the adventures of Luffy from East Blue to Baroque works.

8. One Piece DXF Figure, Brotherhood II Set of 3

one piece merchandise

Let me finish things off with one of the coolest action figure sets that I have ever seen with the three (3) brothers back to back in classic fashion.


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