Best Headphones money can buy

Best Headphones

Don’t you just love headphones? You put them on and you are transferred to your very own world of your own creation. You can listen to just about any music, watch a movie or just listen to an Audio book. But not all headphones are created equal, let me be the first to admit that some of them are total pieces of junk. If you have been shopping around for a while you will quickly realize that especially after a short period of time that new set that you got already is showing premature sign of an early demise.

In a Hurry? Aren’t we all, >>get the best Headphones money can buy here.<<

No more I say! how about nipping that problem in the bud right now? How about getting your hands on a quality pair of the best headphones money can buy. These can range in price from plain cheap and effective all the way to the more expensive and high quality product that will make a true audiophile blush.

Best Headphones

So here is the short list of what should be your next headphone already sorted for you, the only thing you should now consider is what color you should go with if you are given that option:

1. Cowin E-7 Active Noise Cancelling Wireless Bluetooth Over-ear Stereo Headphones

Choose between the model with active noise canceling and without, but in my opinion the price difference warrants that you take the feature as you will thank me for it later on.The noise canceling will allow you to enjoy your audio in more places than you ever thought possible. You ears will enjoy a deep bass never experience before in a headphone and these things are really easy on the ears with a lightweight construction, no ear stain or fatigue here after long periods of use as comfort is the main aim.

They are adjustable and can operate up to 30 hours on Bluetooth or you can use the regular headphone jack if you wish. why take my word for it? check out this product yourself.

2.Bose QuietComfort 35 Wireless Headphones

This is a premium product as reflected by the price but you do get what you pay for in this case from Bose. Again you can enjoy noise canceling. Choose from silver or Black in color scheme, personally the black has a very sleek look to it. You can pair these wirelessly by Bluetooth or NFC. The minute you unbox this product you will appreciate it premium build construction. They are a bit weighty but the quality more than makes up for this small caveat.

3. Sennheiser RS120 On-Ear Wireless RF Headphones with Charging Dock

I was sold on these at the charging dock off the bat lol, who does that, well Sennheiser does and we love them for it. The dock actually doubles as a wireless transmitter for these wireless headphones and allows for an impressive range of 300 feet and can penetrate most obstacles around the house. You can also get or connect additional headphones that are compatible. Be warned though that these do not use Bluetooth. These are great fo use with TV and Hi-Fi Audio devices.

Your search ends here! see even more great choices of headphones for you to choose from right now.

4. Philips SHB8750NC/27 Wireless Noise Canceling Headphones

This is a very affordable offering if I do say so myself and is ideal for the budget conscious consumer or those seeking an exceptionally good deal. The noise canceling tech will reduce noise significantly be warned you will be impressed.The battery is rechargeable and gives great playback times. They can be easily store away as they are foldable . The quality of sound and bass is great in comparison to what you pay for this device. Do check this product out for yourself.

5.HIFI ELITE Super66 by Modern Portable

This headphone is a bit of a wild card but do not count it out just yet. They feature Bluetooth built in and go on easy while maintaining comfort all the way.They are great for workout sessions and keep what you are listening to discrete. The sound quality is OK and this product shows massive potential and is at least worth the look.

If you are a Gamer be sure to check out our selection of Gaming headphones here.



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