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dragon touch tablet

If you are seeking a new tablet you might have heard about a little device called the dragon touch tablet that causing quite a wave in the market, if you have not then shame on you for making such a deal pass you by all this time. The attraction to this device is usually due to the very attractive price margins and the all round great reliability of these tablets despite the super low prices. There are many different variations of this tablet and for this article we will be looking at the Dragon Touch A93 9” Tablet PC which is one of the many quality offerings from Dragon touch.

The Dragon Touch A93 9” Tablet PC

This Tablet is a well designed piece of hardware that comes in a 9 inch form factor which is great for its portability and the performance features such as a quad core (4 x) 1.2 GHz processor which basically means that the tablet has a multicore processor which makes everyday tablet tasks such as multitasking easier and as such your tablet will run faster and be able to do more without slowing down every time you switch between apps or as things become more demanding on the device.

dragon touch tablet


In terms of video performance there is an even more capable Quad Core Mali-400 GPU that does very well with video playback and 3D games performance or other graphics based tasks. Right out of the box you will be running Android 4.4 which is designed to make the most of your tablets hardware. Also you will have the latest Wi-Fi 802.11a/b/g/n standards for faster browsing and every other connectivity feature that you can want on a tablet.

The internal storage is 8 GB but you can pop in a MicroSD card and extend the memory to new storage capacity highs that you choose and to top things off you will have 512 MB of RAM to play with.You simply cant beat what you are getting at these low prices with this Dragon touch tablet.

2 cameras

On this Dragon touch tablet you will not be getting one but two cameras that do a nice job of picture in the right lighting conditions. The front cameras is meant for selfies and live video chat as you keep up with your friends and families where ever they might be in the world. The cameras are not world shattering at 2 MP but they produce OK pictures after all we do not get these tablets for their ability to take pictures do we?

The Price

Seeing the price I am sure you will agree that its more than reasonable, I hope that you go into getting this tablet with an open mind as for the very low price this makes for a great tablet that’s a starter  device or just as a everyday carry along device but it a wise decision to bear in mind that this tablet will not break any world records but you do get a solid device for what you pay for and the performance more than justifies the price tag that less than a $100 bucks. Dragon touch as simply packed a whole lot of quality in a very cheap tablet and by cheap we don’t mean the build quality as this is very solid tablet from the ground up.

The Picture quality

The display produces a great and sharp image that are nice and crisp quality that you would expect with HD and the operating system layout looks nice, if you do not like it you can always switch to another launcher from the play store such as Nova launcher. I really like the video playback as it great for catching up on your videos and movies that you can stream or store and watch right on the device that plays buttery smooth.


1. Very good price that you should not pass up on.

2. Sharp and crisp display for video playback and gaming.

3. Well built device that will last.

4. Touch screen is very responsive and sensitive.


1. While the display can display great pictures taken with other cameras the on board camera quality is OK at best and could be much better.

I hope you enjoyed our review of this tablet and should you have a question please feel free to ask below in the comments as we would be glad to answer them for you.



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