Best DC Super Hero Girls Figures

DC Super Hero Girls

It’s all about Girl power with the latest DC Super Hero Girls figures. Today we want to look at some of the most sought after DC Super Hero Girls figures that’s available that’s perfect as gifts, collectables and toys for Girls. These figures are adorable characters that are all females from the DC universe. Finally there is a line of toys that highlights the heroines who are all beloved charters that are strong and courageous in their own right.

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So if yo are looking for a set for a daughter or grand-daughter you have come to the right place as we have identified the most sought after characters that all girls adore and ranked them below just for you. The best thing too is that you can get multiples of them all instead of getting just one.

Best DC Super Hero Girls

1.DC Super Hero Girls Harley Quinn 12″ Action Doll

DC Super Hero Girls

My favorite of all these 12 inch DC super Hero Girls is the Harley Quinn figure as it’s really well made and features the modern look of Harley all perfect with her giant mallet.  This is the perfect action figure for girls and each action figure can me adjusted to take on any pose you like. Each doll in this series is really well made and no attention to detail was speared.

These dolls make really really cool gifts for girls that are into comics and super heroes trust me when I say if that matches the person you are getting this for then they will really like these nice collectible dolls. The character is well-known and kids follow the series then they will be right at home.

2. DC Super Hero Girls Batgirl 12″ Action Doll

DC Super Hero Girls

Next up we have Batgirl and she is really fashionable with a cool jacket with a hood but you can instantly tell its her. The designers did a good job as the figure is really nice looking. This figure can even stand on its own which is a nice touch. This figure pairs well with the Harley Quinn or Wonder Woman doll.

3. DC Super Hero Girls Wonder Woman 12″ Action Doll

Speaking of Wonderwoman hereeeeeS

DC Super Hero Girls

Speaking of Wonder Woman here we have the action figure or doll that’s looking quite stunning. What makes all of these figures great is that they are strong heroine figures for Girls. Boys can have their heroes and the Girls should not be left out of the mix. Wonder woman’s long black hair looks really good along with her outfit and lasso.

Did not see your favorite Super Hero Girl here? No problem there are plenty more where these came from, check out even more right here. .

4.DC Super Hero Girls Supergirl 12″ Action Doll

DC Super Hero Girls

Super girl pairs well with Batgirl or any of the other figures you would like.You can adjust the pose of these dolls from the waist,wrist,elbows,knees for really elaborate poses.   Most Girls love Super Girl and like her best, heck if this is a Birthday Gift you can get your child or Grandchild the entire set so she can have a party.

5.DC Super Hero Girls Poison Ivy 12″ Action Doll


Last up we have poison Ivy who has the most unique look with her signature flowers that’s in her hair, on her legs and dress. also did I mention that despite this is an action figure the female heroes all have brushable hair which makes them like dolls which is perfect for females. These figures are just as big as a Barbey but only better. This doll can also stand on its own which is a nice touch.



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