Best Christmas Gifts for Boys

christmas gifts for boys

This Christmas promises to be one of the best Christmas ever and you don’t want to be labeled a lousy gift giver so you will want to be on point this Christmas to make sure you get every one what they want the most and you better believe that every one has their own personal wishes so we have compiled a list of the best  christmas gifts for boys along with other members of the Family. Boys can be very picky especially the younger ones and what you want to do is get them what they want on the first try and you can know instantly after they open their gifts for the first time.

Christmas Gifts for Boys

1. VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX

christmas gifts for boys

Boys will love this watch as the blue color is more for them but there is also a Violet color for girls which means they will not miss out on the action. The watch also comes with lots of Games and other cool features that kids will love to play around with, you can read more about this smartwatch here.

2. Razor Jr. Lil’ Kick Scooter

christmas gifts for boys

All little boys want a scooter especially one as cool as this Razor Jr. Lil’ Kick Scooter that’s easy to balance and ride because it has three (3) large wheels , this toy is ideal for smaller kids ages 3-6 years old. This gift is perfect for Christmas as it allows kids to keep active and its ideal for little boys.

3. Super Spinner Swing

christmas gifts for boys

Here is a gift that will not get old and all you need is a good tree in the backyard or an appropriate frame or swing set and the kids can have their own very cool Swing set in the form of the Super spinner swing which is an easy install swing set that your kids will just fall in love with. It’s very safe for the kids and can hold a very impressive 150 pounds of weight which means even two kids could ride on this swing at once.

4. LEGO Minecraft 21115 The First Night

christmas gifts for boys

Lego and Minecraft is the perfect combination of what kids love which is classic Lego bricks and Minecraft which is a wining combination like no other. This set is ideal for 8 years olds and over. The set seen here contains Steve armed with is weapon and Creeper as well as pig.  The set also contains very cool extras such as shelter, fence, bed, oven, crafting table, chest, plants and a tree, bread, pickaxe and an axe, what I really like about this set though is  that it can be opened up by using the hinges and the top can be removed as well so you can see on the inside which is very cool especially for play time as kids use the set.

5. Bruder Mack Granite Dump Truck

christmas gifts for boys

This great toy looks like a real dump truck and is very detailed to look like the real deal which is the best feature of this great Christmas gifts for boys which is a must have as its very durable and will last a very long time even if kids play with it around the yard or inside its tough enough to survive the kids especially little boys.

6. The Unofficial Holy Bible for Minecrafters

christmas gifts for boys

This book is great for children especially if you want to teach them about the Bible in a fun and interesting way, what better method to do this than to use Minecraft which they all know and enjoy already to bring the teaching of the Bible to life like never seen before. This book also includes illustrations that the kids will love.

7. Avengers: XPV Marvel-RC Hulk Smash Toy Vehicle

christmas gifts for boys

Its smashing time! The Hulk Smash Toy Vehicle is a must have this Christmas as kids unwrap their presents imagine the Joy of being greeted by this awesome Hulk figure, kids will be able to perform smashes, wheelies and other cool movies with this cool remote-controlled toy that kids will just love and cant get enough of. The hulk even speaks several popular phrases and should he turn over with the flick of a button he can flip himself back into the correct position easily.

8. Miposaur

christmas gifts for boys

Meet one of the coolest and most interactive toys that has hit the market that kids will be able to control with their Smartphone the Miposaur. He can respond to hand gestures or the track ball that’s included or simply use your phone if you want.  He will keep track of the track ball and keep it in sight as he chase it down and you can play with him too as he behaves almost like a real pet which is cool, the phone app adds a lot of extra interactivity to this toy and you can let him play along with other similar toys for more fun.

9.Disney Ultimate Buzz Lightyear Talking Action Figure

christmas gifts for boys

This 12 inch interactive figure is just what your kids need as part of their holiday gifts,the easily recognizable Buzz Light year is the perfect intergalactic ranger for kids to have hours of fun interacting and playing make believe with each and every day.

10. Laser Tag Set for Kids Multiplayer 4 Pack

christmas gifts for boys

Enjoy the fun of Laser Tag at home, both the kids and the entire family can enjoy themselves both indoor or outdoors with a fun Game of laser Tag and unlike most other toys Kids will keep playing with them time and time again as the fun never ends especially if they play with friends. This set contains 4 laser Tag blasters and only thing that you will need separately is Batteries and that’s it.


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