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We love values just as much as the other guy and let me tell you sometimes finding the right deal can be very tough, especially in an increasingly competitive Smartphone market that’s seeing more and more powerful devices everyday. So how do you find the best cheap android phone? after all why overpay for a phone when you can get an affordable one that does all the things those big expensive one do but at a fraction of the cost. That in my book my friend is smart money spending.

You will be surprised what you could get in a Cheap Android phone if you were not blinded by big brand names, plus these incredibly powerful device will give any top brand a run for their money any day. So let me help you in finding the perfectly priced Android phones that will save you a tone of money and giving you premium features available in the big brand names.

Best Cheap Android Phone

There is just something appealing about cheap Android phones that exceed expectations and here are our very best choices that you will find anywhere on the market:

 1. SHARKK® Android Smartphone 4G Unlocked GSM Phone

The Sharkk brand of Android phones may not be a name you hear very often but the specification of this phone is no laughing matter, behind this beast of a phone is a Quad core processor clocked at 1.3 Ghz, but let me not bore you with specs that you may or may not understand and highlight the strong points of this device and there is allot of them. There is a big display ideal for those who love multimedia on their mobile devices and right out the box there are tuns of pre-installed handy Apps so you can move from removing the box to using this device without much worry,it connects to the internet easily you might be surprise that some devices fails this basic test and drum roll please-you do not have to buy a single accessory as all you need comes in box including case and screen protector. Also note that the phones unlocked and can work on two (2) carriers at the same time, so you can have the best rates of one network and switch to the better more appealing of another, great for when you have friends and family on multiple networks. Get this cheap Android phone for its low price and value accessories that saves quite allot of cash.

2. SHARKK® HD Android Phone Unlocked

OK let me be the first to admit that we have a soft spot for Sharkk Phones and you will see why too, they are a very good values, I cannot stress that enough to you. By adding a few more bucks you can get this upgraded version of the model above, why spend the extra cash? well for one believe it or not this phones a very fast Octa core, yes you heard me inside this device is eight (8) processing cores at 1.7 Ghz device. I am excited as this means this small humble device can compare to devices like the Galaxy S5 and while they are not the same this one costs a fraction of the price. This thing is a powerhouse I cannot stress enough that this smartphone is one of the best cheap Android phone you will ever find. Did I mention also that the screen is HD which makes for a great screen to look at and enjoy your pics and such and to top it all off its unlocked with dual SIM capability and comes with all you will need out of box. Get this one for the Raw power and for its thin and sleek design.

3.BLU Dash JR 4.0K

If you know anything about the BLU brand is that they create very affordable phones, now when I first encountered the BLU Dash JR 4.0K I had to double and triple check the prices, also the customer feedback from those who owned the device were very positive.I am so excited about this phone and you will not find a cheaper model anywhere I guarantee you that, it’s a 4.0 inch display with a 1.3 dual core processor that can perform all the tasks you need in a phone efficiently for the given price, if you thought the manufacturers were cutting corners, not with this phone and this phone could easily be priced twice as much, it wont break any records but for what you pay you are getting quite the phone. Get this Android device for the Price and accessories.

4.BLU Studio 5.0 II Unlocked Dual SIM Phone

If you are not noticing the trend already, you can easily see that BLU is an upcoming name in the affordable Smartphone market they have so many value devices from: low,mid to high end price range, they simply cannot be beat. You will not be able to beat the features that you will be getting for this price range which is a dual core 1.3 Ghz processor, 5 mega pixel camera, and a 5 inch display. You can check out the listing above for more details, but if you decide to get it the strengths are its great call quality for clear output from end to end and a sharp display.

5.BLU Dash 5.0+

I recently bought this Phone for a friend and she loves it, I got her the Blue version. She was coming from one of those older phones and her first impression was wow this thing is big lol, well I was glad to welcome her to the age of smartphones as she could do so much more now on her phone and you can do the same. You will love the 1.3 Ghz quad-core behind this phone ideal for casual gamers for those who want to play the latest hit game from their mobile. I love it for the big display and great price.


I love LG I have a few of their devices and if you have noticed it’s the only major big name that made it unto our Top ten list of phones. The touch screen is 4.3 inches and you can find a 8 Mega pixel camera around back for great picture capturing. So if you want a big named phone on a budget that can back up the name with great performance then the LG Optimus L7 ll is for you. I like it because of the build quality and style found in all of LG’s products,there is something classy about the way they build their devices. Get it for the premium look , performance and the brand name.

 7. Posh Mobile Android Smartphone

A Quad core phone with one Gig Ram and can you believe its less than $100 bucks, you are going to love this phone for the great audio quality from the on-board speakers, and seeing its less than a hundred bucks the choice is really a no brainer.

8. Posh Mobile Titan HD E500 – Ultra Slim

When I first saw this Android device I fell in love with the large Screen which is HD by the way, but there is so much more to this phone that would make even your friends $500 plus phone jealous as your phone basically does the same at a fraction of the cost. We are talking about a Octa core processor and a 13 Mega Pixel camera, the front camera is 5 mega pixels and as always the box comes with all the accessories that you would normally have to buy. Posh really outdid themselves this time in creating a powerhouse of a cheap Smartphone that we all can enjoy. I am totally in love with the display on this phone and the price makes me love it even more, you need to check this one out right now. Get this phone for the over the top performance and the reasonable price tag it’s placed at.

9. Posh Mobile Orion Max X550a – 4G Android Smartphone

This Phone comes with Android KitKat out of the Box and boasts a quad-core with one Gig of Ram for handling all your apps and the works. I love it because of all the great free accessories that you would have to buy with other brands, the large display for video viewing, great performance and the price. Also being unlocked is great for those who travel allot and need to have a local carrier without using two phones you can host two SIM cards in one device.

10. Posh Mobile POSH REVEL S500 GRN Smartphone

A 5 inch Android phone with a 1.2 Ghz Processor that quite capable as your daily carry along Smartphone, its unlocked like most of the options above and to boot this phone looks great, if you like colorful phones then you are going to love this one it comes in all standard colors and extra colors such as Green and Pink can be found in its color palette. Ideal as a cheap Gift and don’t think that because we said cheap that this phone is shabby, far from it as its built quite well and is very snappy, ideal for doing all things you would normally do on a mid to high-end Smartphone.

I hope you enjoyed our article and that your next Smartphone was among our list, If you like what you saw please take a minute and leave a comment, we always love hearing from you guys.


I created this website to help shoppers find great and reliable products at very low prices that would be suitable for their own use or as a gift. Running a small home business affords me the luxury of purchasing great items online which I get to review and then pass on to my clients. I am always receiving new products so its a joy to review and recommend great items.

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