Best Animal Babies

Animal Babies

Animal Babies are the cutest plush toys you will ever see. They are all animal themed and made to look like baby dolls, with the face having the look of Animals. You can choose your favorite animals and collect them. They come in a variety of Animals and this is why they are so fun to collect.

You can name your Babies and they are also very interactive as they will make various baby sounds such as sigh and burp when their belly is pressed. They are so cute and their hands allow them to be able to such their thumbs or hold a bottle. If you have a number of these pets you can have them all hold hands in a loving manner.

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Kids will love their Animal Babies and they can record the name they have given to their babies on the armband which adds a touch of personalization which truly makes this toy their own.

Animal Babies

Here are the best of the set for you to collect:

1. Animal Babies Deluxe Baby Tiger Plush

Animal Babies

This is a very cool Animal Baby as it is a Tiger that orange with black stripes. The design is super cute and is a popular choice among kids. You can feed her with a baby bottle or let her play with the other friends in your collection.

2.Animal Babies Deluxe Baby Chimpanzee Plush

Animal Babies

The Chimpanzee Plush baby toy for girls looks down right adorable. All clad in its diapers. This toy and all others in this list is ideal for kids three (3) year old and over.See him suck is thumb and hold the included bottle when its time to feed. Also produces sneeze,hum,giggle and coo sounds making it almost seem as if its alive. This one has brown fur and a nice patch of fir at the front of the face that adds to the cute baby look.

3.Animal Babies Deluxe Raccoon Plush

Animal Babies

These things just keep getting cuter. Look into the eyes of this raccoon plush and see what I mean this things cuteness is off the scale. The doll itself is 14 inches just like the others seen here. They all makes the same noises as well which makes them all highly interactive.

4.Animal Babies Electronic Baby Snow Leopard Plush

Animal Babies

Can you say snow leopard, here is another really nice Animal Baby plush which has a nice blue fur with black and blue highlights. The eyes are also big and vivid which adds to its cute look.

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5. Animal Babies Core Bunny Plush

Animal Babies

Last up we have the pink bunny with its long ears and cute facial expression. This is the ultimate plush toy that you can snuggle up to and combine with the many others for your super cute collection.




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