Best Android TV box for the Money

best android tv box

If you are confused about the best Android TV box for the money don’t be. It can be really confusing as there are a bunch of choices and you might be stuck in a rut trying to figure it all out, let me ease your burden a bit and narrow down your search to the best options. One of the best things you could do for your house right now is cut the cable cord and stream cool programs on your TV through Netflix and other streaming programs. You can even get a bunch of free programs like on YouTube and save yourself a fortune as its cheaper.

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It all starts with these small Android Boxes that can fit in your palm or in a pants pocket super easy. They are also very portable and can be carried any where with you. All you need is a Good internet connection anywhere you go and your content travels with you.Try doing that with regular cable.

Best Android TV box

The best Android TV boxes starts with my best picks and is in no particular order:

1. AKASO T95N Android 5.1 TV Box

best android tv box

The first amazing thing about this Android TV box compared to any other is its compact size. Just go ahead and look I will wait. Its running Android 5.1 out the box and it has a Quad core processor inside. You get 1 Gig RAM and 8 GB of storage and of course there are ways to extend that if you need to. Guess what as well? It can stream 4K content no problem which can match greatly with your TV set if it supports 4K or Ultra HD.

It does YouTube, Web-browsing, Google Play store and so much more. It also has a bunch of connectivity features such as WiFi, HDMI and you can even play Games on this neat little box that can fit in a shirt pocket-amazing.The price is also super low at below $50 bucks if you can believe that.

2.Henscoqi T95M Android TV Box

best android tv box

This is another great Android TV Box that’s has 4K support and runs on Android 5.1 lollipop and supports Dolby sound. Inside is a Quad core processor for fast processing of video content. You can browse the internet, watch movies through your favorite streaming service such as Amazon, Netflix, Hulu and much more in one convenient streaming box.This box also conveniently displays the time and has WI-Fi features and more.

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3. Matricom G-Box Q² Android TV Streaming Media Mini PC

best android tv box

If you need something with a little more power check out this cool box that has a Octo core processor and a Quad core GPU for a deadly combination and is basically a mini computer. This thing has a new interface and can support streaming services such as Amazon Prime video and more. If you know the old G box this one is way more powerful. The box is highly reliable and can do just about anything bring the power of Android to your living room.


best android tv box

Finally to finish things off we have this XBMC Mart Android TV Box. This thing updates regularly so you have the best experience possible which is done automatically.So that’s one less thing for you to worry about as you install and setup this very affordable Android box in your living room. There is content for kids and all the way to adults.

Make sure that for any of the sets from above that you pick up a mini wireless keyboard to help in more effectively navigating and typing input in the box. It greatly improve the user experience.

I do hope you guys enjoyed the review and do check out some more of our other cool products featured here.


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