Baymax Funko Pop

baymax funko pop

Baymax Funko pop has to be one of the most sought after and popular of the Funko pops and with good reason as the figure is very adorable and cute even more so than the animated movie Big Hero 6 version of the character. This Funko pop can be found with and without armor and is a 6 inch figure making him a little larger than the normal funko pop. If you do not have a single funko pop in your collection make sure that you get the baymax funko as its well worth it.

This funko pop baymax comes highly rated and well made with the original box and makes for a nice gift. You can also complete the set by getting the other heroes to go along with this one to complete the collection. This funko pop will also stand out easily from the others that you have in your collection and its a guarantee if you are a fan of the show that you will also love this great funko.


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