How to bargain hunt online like a Pro?

bargain hunt

Bargain Hunt like a Professional

Finding bargains online can be as tedious if not more tedious task than in a physical or real life store. But if you know how to search and bargain hunt finding great deals can be as easy as 1,2, me I do it all the time and once you are in the know you will slap yourself over the head on these great money-saving opportunities that you have been making slip by you all this time.
So sit back and sip a margarita or some other form of your favorite beverage as you might learn a few new shopping tricks that will cut your shopping bill in half, snag you some freebies and have you taking your savings all the way to the bank and humming the happy song.

What is a Bargain Hunt?

Bargain Hunt or Hunting is best defined as an art form or a means of acquiring items at less or discounted prices in comparison to their regular sale price. This is great as it is an excellent way to save money that can other wise use. For example why pay $50 when you can get the same item at a discounted price of $30 or add a few more items and get free shipping in which cases where paying for shipping would be more expensive than the additional items and a portion of the buying price.

Why Bargain Hunt?

There are many reason other than the obvious :

  • It saves money.
  • Allows you to maximize your dollar
  • You can save more or get additional items to what you wanted.
  • Its fun, just try it.
  • It’s the smart thing to do.
  • No one wants to overpay for an item.

You get the idea.

Debunking the Myth that there are no true bargains around!

Some people believe that there are always some catch to all promotional offers and in most cases there are but you can twist these to your advantage. And there are bargains passing you all the time and you just do not know it as yet. Keeping informed is the most important tool that you have in your arsenal and you should use this to your advantage in pouncing on unsuspecting deals, thus snatching them up before other shoppers can.

As a classic example last December for the Black Friday, Christmas and Cyber Monday I was able to figure out from very early one of the main items that would be on special for the period at heavily discounted prices. The item in question was a Asus Touch screen Laptop that was retailing for $269 when I bought it months before any one or even before it was highlighted in any way and there it was sitting at a draw dropping price and it gets better. Did I know that this would be a holiday special of course not I definitely did not have the inside scoop but I decided to give my YouTube viewers this incredible deal and they were so glad.

See some of the comment for yourself from that period:

bargain hunt

The comments from My YouTube Video


So as you can see from just a few of the comments my Subscribers were given early pickings on a deal I found for an Overly under priced touch screen laptop and I find these deals regularly might I add. Trust me these prices are unheard of for any laptop especially a touch screen in this case, in total I counted that I helped to sell about 50 plus of these Laptops. If your interest is piqued read on.

Tips to save you a killing and have you Bargain Hunt Like a Professional Hunter

1. Shop at online retailers that have a trusted reputation, the larger the better which usually mean lots of promotional offers and deals. Amazon is a prime example and my top pick due to their wide selection and they usually have the best prices.

2. Consult Best seller lists, why you may ask? Well for one being a best seller indicates that the item in question is a quality item that will satisfy and meet your need and often quality items at great prices are in the top ten (10)  list of the best selling products.

Here are some great examples from our Recent articles:

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3. Use Filler items that are cheap affordable useful items that are added to an order to make it worthwhile. With Amazon for examples these items are a double whammy as they can also score you free shipping, you can read more on Amazon Add-on items in this article that explains the exact steps by clicking here.

4. Use Coupons, unbeknownst to some Coupons are still alive and well in digital form, Amazon for example has tuns of clippable coupons that will add incredible savings to your purchased items from a few bucks all the way to some whopping 25% or more price cuts. If you do not clip these coupons the deals go unused by many.
5. Price comparisons. Even on Amazon there are multiple listings of the same items from different sellers. By comparing your options you can get better deals. Here is an example and please note that prices are subject to change and the prices shown are simply to explain a point as they were both taken at the same time:

bargain hunt

bargain hunt

6.Regular deals are posted on a daily basis by checking the deals section of key shopping websites you can run into great deals usually on items that you were intending to buy. Also joining said websites mailing list is an ideal hassle free way of getting early notifications right in your inbox of deals.

7. Consider Buying Manufacturer refurbished items , which have been thoroughly test and restocked guaranteeing that they work well although they have been returned. This is a great opportunity for you to gain them at huge discounts. I have use this bargain hunting tip to steal some really great deals.

bargain hunt

As you can see from the pic that refurbished items can be as good as the original item at varying discounted prices., the priced of the refurbished item can be seen next to the used version in the picture.

8. This is the most important tip of all and that is never stop the Bargain Hunt literally, sometimes I simply go to Amazon and browse through the store and look for great deals that I bookmark for later. I don’t only wait until I am in need of a great item I look for them way in advance.You can also have a look around and see if you find any great deals from our list that suits your budget and be sure to bookmark them for future reference.

Many of the greatest deals that I have found over the years have never been highlighted and are usually hidden deep within the websites of places like Amazon and you will not know about them until you happen to stumble upon these great deals. So make it an adventure and go deal hunting right now.


I created this website to help shoppers find great and reliable products at very low prices that would be suitable for their own use or as a gift. Running a small home business affords me the luxury of purchasing great items online which I get to review and then pass on to my clients. I am always receiving new products so its a joy to review and recommend great items.

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