B. Woofer Guitar

B. Woofer Guitar

The B. Woofer Guitar is the coolest guitar you will ever find for kids that has very cool and neat features.The guitar itself comes with a handy harness like a regular guitar and is joined at the middle with Velcro strips which makes it easy to put on while the kids play.

This also allows it to look and behave like a real guitar which kids will love as they rock on as they play with guitar in hand and secured on their shoulder.

The Woofer Guitar Controls

B. Woofer Guitar

At the end of the guitar is a control knob in red that has the modes: Acoustics,  Electric and howl. Each of the three modes gives varying sounds effects that starts from traditional guitar sounds from the first 2 when you hit the buttons to a howling dog effect on the last setting which is where the guitar gets its name I guess.

Next to the main red control knob you have eight (8) cord buttons that are full C scale that gives a gently fade away sound after being pressed. The off switch can be found on the nose of the deer and will stop any sounds playing when pressed.

The strings or strums of the guitar of which there are a total of four (4) can also be pressed and will give great sound effects. The sound from these chords also will change each time you click the strum button that’s right before the strings.  In total the button can be clicked to do a total of 20 songs  and kids will love it as it basically makes them play and compose these songs for the most part which can be mixed and matched with the strings to there liking.

B. Woofer Guitar

Beneath all this you have the whammy bone which can be pulled for cool effects. At the base is also a volume control wheel which is nice as kids will definitely want to get loud with this gift but you can keep things under control. Then finally you have the music button on the front lower side which will play songs when pressed and each time it’s pressed a new song will come on and to make a song play on kids will have to interact with the strings of the guitar.Finally you have the doggy button as seen above that plays a series of 9 songs that are dog themed.

All the buttons interact quite nicely for endless possibilities when it comes to play time and the kids with the B. Woofer Guitar.

Who is this for?

The Woofer Guitar is ideal for kids that are 2-6 years old.

Build Quality and Material

This toy is created and built from great and durable plastic that feels great to the touch. The color scheme also looks good and makes you just want to pick this toy up and start playing.


Overall the B. Woofer Guitar is a great device that promises hours of fun for kids and is great for building motor skills and a love and appreciation for music. Its durable and guaranteed to last the kids as they grow and is more than worth the price you will pay.

List Price: $39.99
Price: N/A
You Save: N/A

Why should you buy this?

  1. Lots of Songs built-in, up to 20.
  2. Very interactive and versatile.
  3. Well built and offers fun for kids.


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