Azlyn Sepia Sofa Loveseat living room sofa set

living room sofa set

When it comes to living room sofa sets only the best is good enough and nothing beats the Azlyn Sepia Sofa Loveseat 2pc Set. It will also set your living room apart from all others especially those of your friends and family who will come over and enjoy it with you.

Build Material

This sofa is made from very durable polyester and linen which covers every inch of the sofa which makes them ideal for cleaning using a water based cleaner for easy spot cleaning if necessary in cases of a spill or a section of the sofa gets dirty. The cushions are very firm and feel great to sit on which really feels nice. The fabric has a great texture that feels great on the skin as its very soft to the touch.

The included accent pillows that’s made of a matching material that also feels great and smooth to the touch. You will get a dark charcoal one and a lighter patterned version. The pillows can be opened easily with a zipper mechanism and the inner stuffing removed and you could even change either part if it’s not to your liking for different stuffing or cover material but I hardly think you will do that.

The Design

Each arm of the chair has a neat nail head trim that forms a nice pattern and some nice toughs that look like buttons and are seen on the front at the base at varying points.

The back rest is a tight back that is able to bear the weight of those using the sofa easily. The back of the Azlyn Sepia Sofa Loveseat has a very nice diamond pattern that match the button toughs that are set in the back of the sofa. The pattern gives the overall design of the sofa a very elegant and outstanding look that makes this living room sofa set really stand out as a premium product.

The cushions are double-sided and can be flipped on either side. Also similar to the pillows the cushions can be unzipped to reveal a very thick foam that can resist lots of sits without sagging or being squished together and loosing their shape or firmness which is really great for sitting.

The Loveseat

living room sofa set

This is a 2 piece living room sofa set and the best part of it is actually the Loveseat that conveniently seats two (2) and thus the name which is consistent with the above design as I have just outlined. They both have flushed backs which makes them easy to put up against a wall for smaller spaces were every little inch of space counts. My personal favorite is the Loveseat as you can really get cozy with your love one as you watch TV or just talk.


Overall this is a well designed and durable sofa set that will look great in a living room and is sure to grab anyone’s attention who happens to lay eyes on it for the first time. Better yet its really comfy especially the Loveseat, you do pay a premium for this unit but its well worth the investment and I highly recommend it.

Why you should buy this?

  1. Made from great materials that cleans easy.
  2. Double sided cushions.
  3. Very good build quality and attention to detail.
  4. Cozy Loveseat.


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