Attack on Titan Blu Ray

Attack on Titan Blu Ray

Drum roll please, it’s finally here after much waiting and anticipation you can get the Attack on Titan Blu Ray for your collection, we are talking about the limited edition Blue-ray or DVD combo that features fantastic extras with this renowned Anime series.

What do you get?

1. 3-D Lenticular Art Card.

2. Notes From Beyond the Wall: Part 1, a 24 page digibook packed full of art, character information, and 4-panel comics.

3. 104 minutes of on-disc extras including: The Making of Attack on Titan, Chibi Theater: Fly, Cadets, Fly! Days 1-13, Episode 3 & 13 Commentaries, Eyecatch Gallery, Textless Songs, Trailers.

This Attack on Titan Blu Ray set is a must have for any true Anime fan, Attack on Titan is a modern masterpiece the likes of which the industry has never seen, this anime is responsible for single-handedly reviving Manga sales and a boost in Anime popularity in countries like the USA.

I personally love this series and easily recommend this collectors version for hardened fans or those who have never even seen the Anime. You are guaranteed a fun nail-biting ride that in no way predictable. It’s a cinematic masterpiece from which you will find characters that you love, hate and other that are just plain annoying but ads to the dynamics of this show. This anime belongs up there with the greats and this is a collectors dream set that you must have for any true anime fan.

The main characters of Mikasa and Eren are a dynamic duo that you can’t resist loving along with other great character that are equally loved. This anime is filled with more twist and turns like no other as no character is safe from the wrath of the colossal titans. Will humanity survive? only time will tell but get part 1 of the adventures that started it all and launched a global phenomenon the likes of which the world has never seen before in Attack on Titan.


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