Asics Gel Nimbus 17

asics gel nimbus 17

When it comes to mens running shoes nobody quite does it like Asics with their gel nimbus 17. The Asics gel nimbus is the perfect shoes for those into running as it offers a great deal of cushioning for maximum comfort for its users, you can literally wear this great shoe all day and be super comfortable which is one of the coolest features of this running shoe and why it’s rightfully called a Nimbus which will literally feel as if you are walking or running on clouds.

The gel nimbus 17 has one of the softest insoles you will find on any running shoes of its type and is ideal for jogging,long distance events or marathons where you will be on your feet for long periods you will definitely want this shoe in your corner.

The Design

asics gel nimbus 17

It has a clutch counter for extra heel support, rearfoot and forefoot cushioning system and a trusstic system for reduced weight and extra integrity. Overall it gives your entire body good support while running ensuring that as little pressure is place on your feet as possible. This is ideal for runners who are developing or who want to prevent knee and joint pain.

asics gel nimbus 17

The underside offers new outsoles materials for extra durability,ride and overall it grips various surfaces better and offers cushioning and bounce back characteristics for less resistance. This is a classic neutral running shoes for those who need something that simply works and does what it claims well.

New Features

This shoe is a high-end neutral trainer gel cushioning shoe for added comfort and this shoe is world renowned and known for its features which are loved by athletes and customers the world over. This new version of the nimbus the Asics gel nimbus 17 is its seamless construction with the seams and stitches gone because these often cause friction and irritation to users. The stretch mesh fit offers fluid fit for the runner and the mesh structuring runs even on the inside to support and hold the foot up.

The new gel inside this shoe offers 20% more bounce back and has been dubbed fluid ride 2.0 and the bottom layer is lighter than ever by 15%. The gel now covers more surface area on this shoe underside for a better overall ride. This is by far the lightest gel nimbus that has been designed to date. There is both a women and a mens model which is suited for both sexes with consideration for preventing such injuries as a alkalis tendon injuries.

There are a variety of color options available for you to choose from to meet your personal taste and preference so be sure to check this great product out.


What Customers are saying about this great running shoe?

“I ran a 13.1 marathon in them and had no problem at all…They are actually very light for the amount of cushioning they provide.”

“I have had continuous knee pain for several months during my runs…picked a pair of these up just after they were delivered. WHAT A DIFFERENCE!”

“I only purchase asics now for running, nothing else compares….expensive but very worth it!!”


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