Aroma Rice Cooker and Food Steamer

aroma rice cooker and food steamer

The Aroma Rice cooker and food steamer as the name suggest is a rice cooker and food steamer that’s one of the best brands out there, you can simply place two (2) cups of rice into this cooker and add two times the water to the amount of rice that you placed into the cooker seal the lid and you can select from the type of rice you have from the settings e.g. white rice and in 20 minutes or so your rice will be cooked to perfection it’s that easy if you have never used one of these devices before, so there is literally nothing to be intimidated about.

Buttons and settings

There is no shortage of options to have your rice prepared just the way you like with the Aroma rice cooker and food steamer. I personally love rice considering its my favorite food and this rice cooker is undoubtedly one of the best options available on the market that you can invest in . On the front of the rice cooker is the setting or buttons for either white or brown rice and you can in addition use the steam button to cook or after you are finished you can use the keep warm button to keep your rice at a constant temperature and hot to get that just cooked effect whenever the family is ready to eat that may not be exactly after its cooked.

aroma rice cooker and food steamer

Steam Tray

The steam tray is ideal for steaming vegetables or meat easily, simply add water and insert steam tray with your vegetable or meat and have it seamed easily and you can even prepare other foods inside the cooker that’s not limited to rice , you can prepare pasta or spaghetti and combine everything easily all without using another kitchen utensil.

Delayed Timer

This rice cooker is very portable and cleans easily plus for those who are busy there is the very cool delay timer that can be delayed by 15 hours max and is by far my favorite feature,you can simply prepare the ingredients and have them cooked say 6 hours ahead when you know it will be needed all without being in the kitchen so as the kids or other house hold members come home they will have hot rice automatically prepared. I doubt any other house appliance is as smart as this rice cooker and convenient.

Maximum Capacity

This rice cooker can hold from 2-8 cups of rice max and don’t worry as the cooker comes with its own standard rice measuring cup, spatula, steam tray and even recipes for cooking ideas to use your Rice cooker for convenience.

What Can you do with this Rice cooker?

aroma rice cooker and food steamer

Although it might be obvious that you can cook all sorts of rice with this cooker it’s so much more and is not limited to rice alone as you can prepare various meals such as soups, chili, steam vegetables, steamed meat and other one pot delicacies that are not only delcious but also very healthy as well. You are only basically limited by your imagination when it comes to the Aroma rice cooker and food steamer.

Color Options

The Rice cooker comes in white and Silver options with the Silver been the most popular and cooler looking of the set, but its all boils down to personal preference at the end and there is basically no difference between the color options available to customers.

You will not find a more affordable Rice cooker anywhere that trusted to deliver superior service and cook your rice and other meals to perfection each and every time. I totally endorse this product and there is no way you can go wrong with this one it’s simply amazing.


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