Ancord Micro Bluetooth Speaker

Ancord Micro Bluetooth Speaker

When the manufacturers say Micro Bluetooth speaker they are definitely not kidding with the Ancord Micro Bluetooth Speaker. This has to be the smallest speaker that I have ever seen. It can easily fit between two thumbs but don’t let the small size fool you as it creates amazingly loud sound for it miniature size.Best of all the sound is really good.

Main Features

  • Bluetooth V4.2
  • Take Selfies with the Touch of a button
  • Huge sound for its small size.
  • Take phone calls.
  • Small and very portable.

The Design

As Bluetooth Speakers go this one has all the standard features but the way it stands out is the small size that makes it highly portable. This makes everyone that has owned one love them so much that they carry them around everywhere with them.

Ancord Micro Bluetooth Speaker

It also comes highly rated and you can get yours in three color options that include: Blue, Silver and Gold. I personally like the Blue as it really looks nice and I am sure you will agree as well. Ancord did a really fine job in putting this together.

What Can I use it for?

You can take this just about anywhere with your smartphone. But where it really comes in handy is on camping and hiking trips to the great outdoor. You can bring yours along and really enjoy your Music from your phone as if you were at home listening to a much bigger device that produces really great sound.

Ultimately though there is no limitation on where you can bring this thing I mean you can take it out to the park to hang with friends and more, the choice is yours.

The Ancord Micro Bluetooth Speaker

I love the shape its so small and adorable and it uses Micro USB as most smartphones out there now so there is no need to carry around an extra charger. The speakers that are housed in the unit are 3 Watts and it has a 300 mAh hour battery and gives about 4 hours of battery life easy.

Charging takes about an hour which is not bad especially if you plug it in and leave it. The design is simplistic and all you have to do to turn it on is press the power button that’s at its base and center and hold.Pairing is easy as it easily found and you can hear audible tones when it works or connects.

You do get all the accessories in the box you need which includes charging cable, Lanyard hook for easy portability. Once connected to your device it can be used to take pictures and all you have to do is use the power button on the speaker to snap pictures which means everyone can pose and take pictures conveniently.So no missed shots because you are behind the shutter.

The Audio Quality

It produces pretty loud sound that’s surprising for its size and the sound is pretty good. However at very loud volumes you do get a little bit of distortion. That does not spoil the experience though and I am beyond impressed with its loudness. Sounds are clear and you will enjoy your music while listening to it through the speakers.

Buy it Now:

Why buy this:

1.Really good price.

2.Produces loud and solid sound.

3.Has great connectivity.

4.Its small and portable.

5.Comes highly rated so you know you are getting a solid product.


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