The Alchemist Paulo Coelho

the alchemist paulo coelho

The Alchemist by Paulo Coelhois a best-selling novel that has deeply impacted and changed the life of many of its readers the world over, most famous of which is Pharrell Williams who wholeheartedly recommends that you read this book as it will change your life forever as it did his own, he recently revealed in an interview with Oprah that’s shown below. The book is a modern masterpiece and will undoubtedly go down in history as one of the greatest publications of our time, with its author Paulo Coelho being hailed a literary genius.

The book itself follows the life of Santiago a Shepperd boy who dreams of searching for an amazing treasure that revealed to him in a dream and he leaves everything in pursuit of that dream. The book follows his journey and the obstacles he faces during the travel to find the mysterious treasure which is what gives this book its great allure as it  teaches us all lessons we should learn and drives us all to look inward towards our own goals or legend.

This novel is unique and suited for almost anyone, wherever you are from, as this book transcends cultural and geographic boundaries and teaches important life  lessons to set us on the right path to achieving our own unique goals in life in an unconventional yet effective way.

What others are saying about The Alchemist?

“I love this book! Very easy read , however it’s packed with teachable moments! Absolutely recommend it to everyone who is looking to improve their life by digging deeper within.”


“I read The Alchemist earlier this year, and when I saw the news about the Graphic Novel edition, I was excited. I received this version as a gift Christmas morning..”

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The Alchemist
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The Alchemist Paulo Coelho is a real page turner and would make a perfect gift for just about anyone that can read, it’s not very often that you can come across a book that can make just about anyone drop everything that they are doing and pay attention. On reading this book myself I often find myself thinking of myself as the main character and analyzing every word and situation and finding personal meaning in the life lessons within the book. Reading The Alchemist was a true spiritual journey for me and one that leads to enlightenment that most people spend their whole life and never find.

We are all here to fulfill a greater purpose and only need to remember the things we have forgotten as kids and dear to dream again. I guarantee that if you read this book you too will fall in love with the magic of it and never put it down until its completed. Perfect for anyone especially someone who has lost their way or someone who needs some guidance, thanks for reading my humble book review,I The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho five stars easy.


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