$1000 bucks Vizio Ultra HD 55 Inch 4K TV

vizio ultra hd

If you have not already heard there is a new standard in high-definition and that standard is Ultra HD or 4K and trust me when I say that these Television sets are by no means cheap, that is until I met the Vizio Ultra HD P552ui-B2 55-Inch 4K TV then things really got interesting as this is one of the most reliable ,well-built and I can’t believe I would put these two words in the same sentence, affordable 4 K TV sets that you can bet your bottom dollar on.

The Vizio P series including the P552ui-B2 provides a superior viewing experience from the moment you take it outside the box and power it up. Even watching regular HD content is enhanced when using this Television set which is great, where this TV set shines however is in Ultra HD Movies and Games. The set has up to 72 active LED zones and built-in premium Apps with its smart Tv features to extend the capabilities of an already awesome TV set.

Plus if you have services like Netflix already you will be able to consume 4K content. The remote is also great as it lights up in the dark as all the keys are backlit and you can even stream video from your regular devices such as Smartphones and Tablets. This 4K TV is no slouch either beneath the shell there is a six (6) core processor for processing your content at maximum speed to ensure the fastest response times ,no lag and the best picture quality possible.

Vizeo P series 4K TV Sets priced at $1000

I don’t know how Vizeo is doing this, they have basically taken 4K or Ultra HD and have created a variety of  affordable TV sets that are within the $1000 price range without making the build quality cheap or flimsy. I was so excited when I first encountered the P series I thought that Vizeo was loosing it at those low prices or something was definitely wrong with the TV set, but I am glad to announce that they have delivered. Minus a little tweaking that you will have to do out of the box to have the TV set running to your liking this is a great product that at least deserves your consideration.

Reason why you should get this 4K Tv Set:

1. Great Picture Quality you will be impressed, especially after some tweaking.

2. Very cheap when compared to other offerings on the market in 4K.

3. Well designed and a pleasure to look at.

4. This thing will take your gaming experience to a whole other level.

5. Offers great color reproduction such as great and deep blacks.

6. The unit is very responsive and does not lag with fast refresh rates.

7. Great remote with well thought out features.

You may skip this unit because:

1. On board sound is nothing special as with most TV sets.

2. There is no 3D features if you are looking for that feature.

3. 4K content is still in the early stages so there is not a tun of content available as yet.

So if you are thinking of getting a new TV set why not pick up a vizio ultra HD Television such as the Vizio Ultra HD P552ui-B2 55-Inch 4K TV which will have you up to date with all the latest visual standards so as more 4K content becomes available you will not need to upgrade.


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